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Arthros Joint Registry Initiative can help you collect high quality and relevant data about joint replacements in your practice. In a continuous drive to improve the quality of outcomes and cost effectiveness of joint replacement surgery in your daily practice, Arthros can enable you to monitor your outcomes and conduct research. We offer affordable monthly payment plans suited for every practice.

24X7 Access

Access your data anytime and anywhere.

Solo/Group Practice

When your practice grows, so does our service.


Download your raw data to analyze and publish.

Implant History

We can help you locate implant data for your patients.


We use SSL encryption (up to 256-bit) to protect your data.


Works on tablets, PC's, Mac's, and cellphones.

Gigabit Speed

Fast content delivery to help you get the job done.


Cost-effective compared to the competition.

Build your Practice

Data on surgical time

Operative room efficiency directly translates to improved revenue generation from your practice both directly and indirectly. Arthros can help you identify your procedure and turnover time so that you may formulate appropriate intervention.

Learn by Doing
Self-managed plans with total autonomy tailored for your practice
Arthros can help you crunch costs with improving quality and outcomes helping your practice grow. Data collection and reporting is the key to this endeavour.
Achieve your Goals
Build a world class practice backed by world class data capture service.
Arthros guides you to collect the right data and build the right reports that can be reviewed to conduct internal/external audits or submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publications.

Find answers and general information quickly

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you’re a new customer, we encourage you to read through the relevant articles. If you still have concerns, please feel free to contact our team.

Do you meet in person to implement?

Thanks to technology, we don’t need to meet in person. We’ll schedule virtual meetings and implement seamlessly.

Do you offer affordable plan for single surgeon?

Yes absolutely. Check pricing.

Who owns the data we input?

You own your data.

Where is your Data Center located?

We have our U.S. data center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do you work with all orthopaedic sub-specialties?

Yes we work with all orthopaedic sub-specialties providing joint arthroplasty services. Once you sign up, we take 2 weeks to setup your account with your customized data capture questionnaires suited for your practice and add the necessary areas used by registries worldwide.

Will Arthros integrate with our EMR?

We believe that in this age of internet cyber security, the best way to insure patient data safety is to have an encrypted data capture system with local keys. Arthros is a de-identified cloud-based data capture system that due to the nature of its code cannot be integrated to the present EMR systems.